Frost-Monitor TB 142

Thermostats (IP 55) for use in all areas of industry and trade, to monitor and control the temperature.


  • For the protection of heat exchangers and registers
  • TB 142 works as a limiter. He has a set barrier and can be put back only by hand if the Temperartur min 2.5C ° have risen
  • Standard 1 change-over contacts
  • Robust closure, IP55
  • Great setting scale


Thermostat Baureihe 142
Type Upper switch pt.adjustable from … to °C Difference K Lower switch pt.adjustable from … to °C Standard setting °C Max. temperature sensor °C temperatur sensor charge and type
TB 142-12 DP20 1W +4,5 ... +27 handreset,5 fix +2 +2 +150 6 m capillary